Opening Reception Thursday, November 7th, 6-9pm.

Survey Survey and SK Art are pleased to announce Faux Real, a group exhibition bringing together six artists who explore the use of trompe l’oeil and artifice to build and dispel narrative.

The title Faux Real offers an immediate paradox: “faux”, meaning false, fake, or an imitation, is intrinsically at odds with what is understood to be “real”. The meaning of each word is defined through its opposition to one another.

As a platform for representation, painting presents a similar irony wherein any attempt towards likeness is by and of itself imitation. The works included in Faux Real turn this act of imitation in on itself by depicting instances of depiction and images of images. This self-referential sampling creates a meta cycle of representation that keeps the viewer suspended in a feedback loop of images. Where a painting might normally provide a denouement for the viewer, the narrative is dampened or completely dissolved.

This collection of work demonstrates a scope of images taken from disparate sources. Some images are familiar and borrowed from digital and photographic resources, while others are observed or reference alternate art making and storytelling processes. In each case, the image is replicated and removed from its original context, becoming a symbol onto itself. In some instances, the image is even pushed towards objecthood in a performative and playful gesture – a painting-object pun.

Perhaps, shaped in part by the ubiquity and omnipresence of images as we experience them daily on numerous digital interfaces, Faux Real collectively presents a body of work that brings representation into the fold of synthesized space.

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